Great Plains Ventures

Great Plains Ventures has investments in a diverse portfolio of manufacturing, commercial real estate, and hospitality organizations. We are focused on developing and delivering long term value to our customers, shareholders and employees.

Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas Great Plains Ventures takes great pride in serving its local community.

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Our Organizations

Tap N Paddles Pickleball Joins District 96 in Wichita, KS

Wichita's newest pickleball concept joins District 96 at Oliver and K96.  TapNPaddles will break ground Q1 of 2024 for a Q3 2024 opening. TapNPaddles will have 12 indoor courts, and a...

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Great Plains Ventures Announces New Restaurant in District 96

Attention Wichita! Railhoppers is joining District 96 in Wichita.  With menu favorites from "The Anchor", Great Plains Ventures is excited to announce Railhoppers is open for business Tuesday through Saturday.

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Great Plains Ventures Celebrates 50 Years

Great Plains Ventures celebrates 50 years of being in business. At the GPV Annual Stockholders Meeting, Envision provided unique, custom-made sunflowers made at the Envision Arts, year-round arts program held in the...

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